Happy +AAHPI Month: Bridging Cultures with Beauty - A Celebration of K – Vedi Beauty
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Happy +AAHPI Month: Bridging Cultures with Beauty - A Celebration of Knowledge and Color

Happy +AANHPI Month! At our core, we're deeply connected to our founder's South Asian Indian heritage. Our brand, VEDI, draws its name from Sanskrit, meaning "knowledge," a value we hold dear as we marry knowledge with beauty. This ethos reflects in every aspect, from understanding our ingredients to carefully selecting our colors.

Our logo, an updated version of Saraswati, the Indian goddess of knowledge, symbolizes this blend of traditions. It's not just a design; it's a reminder that knowledge and beauty are intertwined. We want every experience with our lipsticks, from the packaging to the application, to reinforce the idea that knowledge empowers beauty—a 360 approach to true beauty.

We're equally proud to showcase India's vibrant culture, blending our founder's heritage with Western influences. This fusion is evident in our color palette, inspired by golden skin tones and two-tone lips. Our formulas prioritize hydration, weightlessness, and rich pigments, mirroring the beauty needs of golden skin.

Our color names, derived from India and the West, add a touch of cultural richness. For instance, "RANI" is a Forever Fuchsia inspired by India's love for vibrant hues, while "DEVI" captures the essence of a beautiful Deep Burgundy, a favorite in South Asian communities. Names like "GULABI ROSE," "PINK CITY," "NAMASTE," and "SAHARA" further celebrate this fusion, reflecting the East and West's harmonious balance in every shade.

Through VEDI, we invite you to embrace beauty as a journey of knowledge and cultural celebration—a tapestry of colors and stories that bridge continents and hearts.


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