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Our Story

Knowledge with Beauty

Pronounced Vay-dee, in Sanskrit, Vedi means knowledge. This profound meaning has inspired us to choose the Goddess Saraswati as the emblematic face of our brand. Saraswati, revered as the goddess of knowledge, perfectly embodies the essence of Vedi. We believe that true beauty arises from a fusion of knowledge and grace, mirroring Saraswati's representation of wisdom and elegance.

Our commitment to empowering you with knowledge about our products and ingredients is reflected in every aspect of our brand, making Vedi a symbol of beauty enriched with understanding. Recognizing that what goes on your skin matters as much as what goes in it, we uphold the mantra that knowledge with beauty is our guiding principle.

Understanding the ingredients in your products is empowering, allowing you to make informed choices for your skin, considering it's your largest organ. We take pride in explaining the reasons behind each ingredient in our formula, providing detailed information on our "Ingredient" page to help you confidently decide what's best for your skin.

Knowledge is the key to making informed decisions for your beauty and health. At Vedi, we meticulously choose each ingredient to create weightless and hydrating products. Our aim is to serve golden skin tones with high-quality, skin-centric beauty, utilizing only the finest and safest ingredients. We believe that beauty products should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. Our formulas, featuring universally flattering shades, simplify your makeup routine because, in a busy world, your lipstick choice shouldn't be complicated.

Growing up in the health-conscious city of San Francisco, I embraced the philosophy "you are what you absorb." This belief, initially applied to managing my own health issues through healthy choices, later extended to my approach to beauty.

Despite preferring minimal makeup with a touch of intentional glamour using ingredient-driven formulas, I often felt overlooked. The mainstream market lacked products catering to the unique needs of my golden skin. Excited to find a nude lipstick with good-for-you ingredients in a popular beauty store, I tried countless shades, but none flattered my multi-toned lips.

Out of this frustration, Vedi was born. We curate skin-centric, golden-friendly products with potent formulas that nourish your skin, celebrating your natural beauty. Each color in our collection is not only inspired by golden skin but also from my Indian background. Many of the colors and their names are drawn from my own heritage, representing a fusion of both my background as an Indian woman and my upbringing in the western world. This blend embodies the beauty of both east and west, encapsulated in sleek and elegant packaging that reflects my belief that beauty can truly be that simple.

Nikita Magan, Founder


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